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Ice cream cone machine

Jun 2nd, 2022 at 12:16   Phones & Tablets   Dambulla   23 views

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Ice cream cone machine is one of the indispensable machines for making ice cream. Nowadays, some fast food brands such as McDonald's and KFC still use cones to carry ice cream. Crisp cones can bring a different taste to ice cream. The ice cream cone is made of flour as the main ingredient, and different taste cones are made by adding different ingredients. For example, add milk, honey, eggs and so on. This machine is suitable for dessert shops, fast food restaurants, snack streets, cinemas, cake house, and other places.

The egg tart machine can be used to produce the egg tart shells with different shapes and sizes, compared to traditional hand-made and table type tart machines. This model has a large output and is suitable for starting a business, low cost, fast profit.

Nuts processing machinery is the best selling nuts flour milling machine for industrial use. It is mainly used for grinding peanut and almond. You can also call it as "nut powder grinding machine" or "almond flour mill machine". Fried nut processing line is used to produce delicious peanut and broad beans, it includes blanching machine, peanut peeling machine, broad beans opening machine, frying machine, de-oiling machine, etc. This is a dual-function nut processing machine for making powdered and granular nut.

Nuts frying machine is used for frying nuts, beans, cashew, peanuts. The frying line include in feeding machine, frying machine, de-oiling machine, de-oiling output conveyor, flavoring machine, flouring output conveyor and packing machine.

nuts shelling machine in which a rotary drive mechanism operates a rotary feed mechanism and a rotary shelling mechanism, the shelling mechanism having a frame with four shafts arranged in spaced, side by side, upper and lower pairs, the shafts having surface lobes and indentions for enlarging and contracting the effective space between the upper pair and lower pair of shaft for accepting and trapping a nut between the pair of upper shafts and lower shafts, where it is shelled by a shafting implement before the shell and nut passes between the pair of lower shafts.

Nuts cutting machine is specially designed and used to cut peanut, almond kernel and other nut products into small chopped granules. Kingston nut cutting machine can produce chopped peanuts that guarantee quality but still keep the flavor, aromatic and fatty.

The nuts roasting machine is used to roast all kinds of dry fruits and nuts automatically. It adopts unique horizontal roller structure, uniform heating, good sealing to effectively roast food. It has electricity heating type and gas/coal heating type.

Spring roll machinery is a device that uses flour mixed with water to make a round cake. It consists of a frame, pneumatic components, electrical components, heating elements, and shaped abrasives which mainly used for the baking of duck cake, egg cake, and other varieties of cakes.

Nuts peeling machine saves you from undergoing the hustle and bustle involved with food processing. nut peeling machine is a well-designed machine available to simplify various commercial as well as household food processing chores.

Oil press machine is an oil extraction machine that combines the traditional oil pressing method and modern oil extraction technology. The whole operation process is very convenient and easy. The pretreated oilseeds are loaded into the cylinder for oil pressing.